Hestia’s Home

Hello there and welcome to Hestia Heating‘s site.  You may be wondering why we chose the name Hestia as the title of our company, and it goes back to traditions and storytellers.  In classic studies, Hestia is the the goddess of hearth and the home.  Now, that may not seem like as necessary a power as something else, like take for example, Demeter– the goddess of food and harvest.  But at the time in history where modern conveniences did not exist, someone had to constantly maintain a fire in order to have heat and a way to cook food, so this job was of the utmost importance.  Without modern technology, getting a fire going once it was out proved quite challenging for many historical folks.

Home heating is necessary in colder climates because when temperatures begin dropping and the snow starts to make the roads difficult to travel on.  When an emergency occurs, getting both speedy and professional handy people like furnace repair Lansing, at the same time in the middle of a winter vortex can be a nearly impossible task.  We may always think we are prepared for emergency situations, but are you really?  Have you already discussed official emergency plans with your family members, even in situations where you are not together at the moment?  Do you already know where to meet?  When?  What to bring, etc.?

Chances are, most of us do not even have a plan for if our air conditioning or heating malfunctions.  Though there is suffolkhvacs.com – trane, carrier, goodman, mitsubishi, ducane.  There are popular products for climate control out there, but are you sure that your appliances meet environmental standards and do not use non-renewable resources like natural gas.  And those units that are using up more energy than necessary are often more complicated and require a paid expert for repairs and maintenance.

Our stove is the perfect alternative home heating system to our gas-burning competition. Our model burns corn, wood pellets, and other renewable fuels with a carbon neutral footprint. This is an option different from natural gas, propane, oil, and even wood used for heating:  it is both the responsible choice for our planet and your pocket book as well.  Your utility bills will no longer be an issue when you have one of our heating units in your living room instead of using up all the energy for an entire home.

If you are worried about not knowing how to use our stove, then we can assure you there is absolutely no reason to.  Unlike models that you already be familiar with, ours is self-starting and do not require hassling with cumbersome gels or mystery goo.  Our Hestia brand stoves are a breeze to clean and maintain, with a wide heating range of up to 8,500-50k British Thermal Units.  You also have the choice of ten different levels of comfort at the push of a button

Hesitant to bring in a visible heat source to your home because you are afraid it will clash with the aesthetic?  Well don’t be!  The large viewing area will allow you to enjoy the beauty of a natural fire, without losing all the heat up the flue.

Hestia Heating has taken the initiative to provide a better life on the planet for our future generations, have you?