Eco-Friendly Products & Renewable Resources

Climate change is happening– our climate patterns are definitely not what they used to be; just ask anyone from a previous generation and they would tell you that much.  But there is no reason that we should not remain optimistic to the ways in which we can easily work to reverse of the effects of human pollution since the days of the Industrial Revolution that began the pattern of using fossil fuels for energy.  Hestia is determined to be part of the solution and for that reason we go behove and beyond the duties of regular heat specialists.  That is why our stoves are eco-friendly and use renewable resources.

But how can you take our word on our dedication to environmentalism when too many other companies out there just aren’t as honest?  Well, our stoves are made in the United States and meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the Omni Test Lab.  Our unique heating systems with rustic charm are engineered to be able to burn a variety of bio-mass fuels such as corn and wood pellets.  The strong oversized galvanized hopper can hold up to 130 pounds of corn or wood pellets, 117 pounds of wood pellets, and holds enough fuel to burn for up to seventy hours when it is used on the first setting.