Need for Heat, Heaters & Furances

Many buildings already have a heater or boiler in them for heat.  Ones that came with a piece of property you bought may not be updated to fit today’s energy efficiency standards.  In any case, today you would most likely benefit from taking the initiative to replace your outdated heating system.

Don’t leave the shopping for products up to the salesman or saleswoman at an appliance warehouse; those folks are probably making commission off of unprepared shoppers.  Trust the professionals who repair, install, and maintain heating systems such as furnaces, boilers, or stoves to steer you toward the most efficient models that will help you save every month on your utility bills.  If you are around Virginia, consider our buddies for furnace repair Virginia Beach as well.

Hestia Heat‘s current model of heat unit is the HHP-II.  It is a stylish stove with a modern, simple, minimalist style that’s sure to add to the appearance of any room, while keeping your interior decorative choices the focus of the space. The HHP-II stove fits right into the decor of a family or living room, a cabin, garage, or a workshop.  It has an easy-to-learn user interface and does not require an expert to put in your home– just two people and a dolly.  The model even comes fully assembled from your dealer.  Not only can Hestia save you money on heat, we can save you time as well.  We do it all.